Taku River Tlingit Place Names

Yak’éi yee xwsateení! Welcome!

We would like to say aatlein gunalchéesh to the following individuals who lent us their words, their information about places, and their voices to explain “Why Place Names are Important”:

Ed Anderson

Alice Carlick

Susan Carlick

Wayne Carlick

Louise Gordon

Nicole Gordon

Bryan Jack

Vivian Mahoney

David Moss

Andrew Williams

Jackie Williams

We would also like to say aatlein gunalchéesh to those individuals whose voices are found on the map section of our website. Their voices help us learn the Tlingit place names, as well as words for resources in our territory. Some individuals, Jackie Williams and Mary Anderson, were recently recorded for this project, while Elizabeth Nyman and Antonia Jack’s recordings were found in the Taku River Tlingit First Nation Heritage archives. We say gunalchéesh to our Elders for recording these names in the past, so we can learn them to today and continue to use them into the future.

Mary Anderson

Antonia Jack

Elizabeth Nyman

Jackie Williams


Finally, we say aatlein gunalchéesh to all those individuals who have worked so hard to help make this website a reality!

Nick Blackwell

Mark Connor

Jon Corbett

Louise Gordon

Nicole Gordon

Tara Grant

David Lacho

Colleen Larson

Emily Millard

Anna Schmidt

Christine Schreyer

Financial Support and In-Kind Support were provided by: SSHRC Insight Development Grants, the University of British Columbia, the Taku River Tlingit First Nation and the Centre for Social, Spatial and Economic Justice.